Sunday, October 5, 2014

More pictures from Kassidy's birth

I wanted to just add a few pictures for family of Kassidy's birth.  Dad and Kerry took some pictures while they were with us helping out with the big girls.  Some of these are not of us looking our best.  We look tired, like we just had a baby....  But I love having photos that document all of it.

 It was so wonderful to see and hold my big girls after missing them for a day or so.

 It did not go well when we tried to take a family photo.  The girls were so excited about meeting Kassidy and seeing me, but pretty emotional having their world turned upside down, and this was the best we got.  Another imperfect photo that I kind of love having.
 The rest of these are from the day we came home - May 1st.

 Ellie seriously has such great love for Kassidy.

We also had a friend of Steve's, Wendy, who a couple of months earlier had asked on facebook if anyone in the area would let her come do a mini-shoot in the hospital for free so she could practice and use it to advertise.  We were ecstatic she chose us.  Here are some of my favorites from those pictures.

My only regret is that I forgot to have her take some pictures without the hat so we could see all of this girl's hair!  She had so much, and it had so many colors in it to start out that it seriously looked like she'd had her hair highlighted...  But I love having these photos of such a special time in our family.

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