Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mckalya Walking and Sickly days

December 19th was a busy day around here.  We started off with sick kids on a crazy day, went to our ultrasound, and then came home to have Mckayla take her first "real" steps.  She'd been taking a step or two for weeks, but never with real purpose.  Suddenly, she started doing this!

And we knew it was all downhill from there.  And it was.  We left a couple days later for Christmas break, and the girl just took off over the next week, walking down hallways and across rooms within the week.  And now there's no stopping her when she has something she's not supposed to, looks at me with mischief, and takes off faster than her pregnant mom cares to move!

In other new, poor Mckayla has had a ROUGH last couple months when it comes to her medical health.  Before she started walking she came down with a nasty virus and ended up with croup.  It wasn't a terrible case, but when you're used to your child waking up like this:

It's hard to have her hardly sleeping like this...
And tired and laying around all morning.
We ended up taking her to urgent care one night and getting her some steroids that thankfully took care of the croup over the next few days, although the virus was still lingering weeks later, poor girl.

As if December hadn't already been rough on poor MG, on the last day of our trip she fell against a recliner that moves and caught the edge of a wooden space heater.  I saw her, and never even thought she caught the heater.  But she laid there crying, so I quickly scooped her up and then she wouldn't inhale because she was so upset, and then passed out on my shoulder.  Then we found a big goose egg on her head.  This probably qualifies as the scariest moment of my life so far.  She went in and out of consciousness for a couple minutes and was hazy when she was awake.  We called the local hospital and they told us the signs to watch, but an hour later she was fine and the next day was content and eating normally so we drove to Spokane.  Only to have her throw up violently a few days later with no other symptoms.  And then again once two days later.  We started to worry that the two might be connected, and when we called a local urgent care center, they recommended we bring her in.  This lead us to the hospital for a CT scan.  Here Mckayla was playing in the ER waiting room.
Everyone loved our cute girl, and she did really well, even with the CT scan.
Thankfully everything was fine, which everyone thought was the case, but we didn't dare risk it....

 After we got home from break, Mckayla then got the stomach flu.  And then got another cold virus.  And then another stomach flu.  This was one night just a week or two ago after she started throwing up while Steve was at a review session.  Our poor girl has vomited more in the last few months than Ellie has in her life I do believe.
 Thankfully, once she finally got to sleep, she slept through the night and was fine the next day.

 However MG still rattles and has constant congestion of varying degrees it seems.  If things don't change we may have to look into allergies of some sort, but until then, we just hope that her sick months mean she is building her immune system for a much healthier future.  It's a good thing this girl is so happy and cuddly, because it's hard to believe I don't think of the last few months as being miserable considering how often she has been sick.  Thank goodness for good-natured children, even if they do have our fun tempers when they flare up...

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