Sunday, September 8, 2013

June - Slightly less late

Fun things we did in June - the short(ish) version.

I started full-time work partway into the month.  I accepted a job as a part-time administrator at the fitness club I work at to become the Head Swim Instructor for the summer.  Basically, the aquatics director has been so busy with new pool construction and working on some club manager duties that he didn't have time to oversee all of the hectic chaos that goes along with running a swim lesson program.  So, he asked if I would be interested in the position.  If I had known the hours I would pull (40-45 hours a week working Monday through Thursday) and how little I would see the girls at times, maybe I would have said no.  As it was, I said yes, and honestly, I really enjoyed it.  I loved the administrative work;  I enjoy working with parents and kids and problem solving;  I like the puzzle of figuring out the schedule.  (Don't remind me of this though when I dropped a not-so-great word after the 3rd instructor just told me they're out of town for a week of the session and I'm going to have to redo the schedule for the 5th time that day.)  I loved a lot of the instructors I got to work with, and really feel like I've taught enough in the past to offer novel or experience-based solutions on how to teach skills.  I just, liked it.  It was hard work, and at times I. WAS. STRESSED.  At times I got yelled at by parents or took negative interactions at work, but I learned a lot of computer skills as I mastered looking up past receipts, doing lesson registration, and balancing our billing with our attendance.  It was a wonderful experience that showed me I have a whole skill set that I enjoy using that I wasn't aware was there before.  And I'm extremely grateful for that opportunity.  I don't know what if anything will come from my work this summer, but I really did enjoy it, even if I missed my family - a lot!

While I was at work, Steve got to be the stay-at-home Dad with the girls.  I remember thinking before the summer it would be good for Steve to learn about my day, and maybe he did, but I sure learned a lot of empathy for him when I came home tired to the girls and him...  Anyway, Steve was at home with the girls, which meant that Ellie started an ant farm and learned about the plants, birds, and bugs in our yard.

It also meant that by a few weeks into my job Ellie could tell you that photosynthesis makes plants grow, the prisms change light into colors, that clouds are made of water vapor, that spiders have 8 legs and fangs whereas ants and ladybugs have 6 legs and mandibles, that a butterfly eats nectar from flowers with it's proboscis, and that the Snake River and Yakima River are tributaries of the Columbia River which leads to the Ocean.  Yeah, make me look like a slacker much?  You'd never guess her Dad's a science teacher, would you?  It was awesome.

Since I was working a lot, every weekend we tried to squeeze in as much quality family time (and cleaning) as possible.  This meant we went to a local minor league baseball game.  Ellie loved her hot dog....

And to lots of local parks.

We also took a tour of some ships that came to our area for tours.  It was admittedly hot and a bit of an emotional roller coaster for Ellie...  But the ships were cool!

And we hit Spokane one weekend via Palouse River Falls.

Look closely by the picnic table - they were investigating a marmot.

All the girl cousins playing at Grandma and Papa's in Spokane.

Other fun things that happened in June were, of course, Father's Day.  Ellie helped pick out these shirts for Steve, and she still gets excited and comments every time he wears them - and then wishes him Happy Father's Day.  They're the gift that keeps on giving...  (Also, the T-rex shirt has a small picture on the back of upside down dinosaurs that says "And handstands"  Awesome!)

Steve also lost his cast and got to be in a walking boot part way through the month, which was such a relief and a blessing for us, even if Steve was sad he wasn't so speedy as riding his scooter.

We also got Ellie her early (very early admittedly) birthday present and got her the princess bike she was so in love with.  We figured that way she would get to use it all summer, but it mostly just holds chalk in the basket as she hasn't figured out how to pedal it and isn't super motivated to learn just yet...  But she was really excited to get it!

And lastly, a few fun pictures from the month.  Left, Ellie was watching a movie with music (maybe Cinderella?) and suddenly ran down to the playroom.  A few minutes later she came up dressed like this telling me she had all she needed to dance with me now!  And Right, Mckayla in her cute new Happy Little Llama diapers we got not long before.

And that about sums up June.  Hopefully July is on the way soon!

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