Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Interjection

Since I forgot to put it in earlier...  Did you know that Steve and I had one big Christmas/Birthday present this last year?  And it was a concert?  To see George Strait?!  This was supposed to be his final tour and the closest he was coming to us was Boise.  So of course, we asked Aunt Julie to babysit , grabbed a hotel, made a VERY quick turn-around trip, and got the freak to Boise!

Oh, and as if it can't get better than watching George Strait sing, Martina McBride opened for him!  Like getting two concerts in one!  It was amazing.  And we loved it.

Random, but one of my favorite parts of the concert - listening to George sing "Give It Away" and forgetting the words at the chorus at one point.  I can't explain it, but somehow I liked him even better for it.  Oh, and he signed autographs only for two little kids up front who he was very sweet to.  Just good people that George Strait.

Us on our Christmas/Birthday/Birthday date.  It was a fun one!  Even if it included late night chicken nuggets at Jack in the Box while we waited to be able to leave the stadium and a LOT of driving with not much rest.  Thanks for a great memory babe!

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