Sunday, January 20, 2013

Losing a 9 Year Companion

Because we had met my deductible for the year having Mckayla, we decided it was finally time to take care my wrist.  I've had a ganglion cyst on my left wrist since my Sophomore year of high school and each year it gets more painful and more problematic.  So, I headed to the doctor for it back in October, and the doctor tried to aspirate it, with no success.  That meant the only way to treat the cyst was to have surgery, but my doctor was no-nonsense and told me that because of liability nobody will touch pregnant women, which made sense.  That meant that we went back after Mckayla was born and scheduled an operation.  We decided that having surgery right before Christmas break would be best so that I could have help over break while I recovered.

So, on December 18th I checked into a surgery center here and had my wrist operated on.  Apparently it was good to get it taken care of as the doctor said I had a "grape cluster" of cysts above the tendon, and then a huge, single cyst underneath, which is really unusual but explains the pain I was having.  I loved my doctor, the anesthesiologist and nurses could not have been nicer, and everything went well.  It was really strange to have my arm completely numb and in a sling and not even be able to control anything.  And then as I could feel it I found myself wishing I couldn't, but the pain wasn't too horrendous and I didn't even have to take many of my big girl pain pills.  Each day was a little better and after 3 days I got to lose my soft cast.

Then, I had bandaids and my steri-strips over my dissolving stitches for a week and a half or so.  After that I just had to wait for the stitches to dissolve and the bruising to go away.

Here is what the scar looks like today.

Now my wrist is back to almost full capacities and no longer hurts whenever the weather is cold.  I look forward to being able to use my wrist fully in years to come.

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