Saturday, November 17, 2012

Continuing Traditions

There are a few traditions from the Bennett side that we have continued in our family, and a few things that are becoming traditions as our family grows.

The Bennett traditions are as follows:

Every grandchild (and some of the generation before) has slept in this family bassinet when they come home. Our girls tend to be scooters, so they only last in the bassinet for a week or so before they get moved into the crib, but the tradition lives on.

Also, Grandma Bennett comes and helps out for about a week after the baby is born.  She met Ellie and Mckayla in the hospital the day before they came home.  This time, she also brought applesauce cookies which Ellie LOVED.

Ok, maybe we all rather enjoyed them... She had to make another batch before she left and they didn't last long...  But, that also meant Ellie got to enjoy helping Grandma make cookies.  She loved baking with Grandma!

And, before Grandma leaves she paints the toe nails of any new granddaughters.  We had to wait till the end of the week just to have enough nail to see to try and paint Mckayla's toes.  This time Reva also got to paint Ellie's nails too as Ellie loves finger nail polish.

Grandma also got to stay and do lots of other fun things with Ellie for Halloween, but that is another post.

As far as our family goes, our traditions are just kind of informal occasions.  Sometime in the first week or so my folks come and see the baby.  With both of our girls it's been the first Saturday after the baby is born because of work.  And, because my sister Julie is in town right now, she came with them.

I love this picture because Mckayla had just had a pretty loud and gassy bowel movement that made Julie jump and then made her and I laugh until we cried.

The other informal tradition we have is that at some point we celebrate our babies with Henry Weinhards soda - root beer for Mckayla and vanilla cream with Ellie.  That stuff is beautiful.

Our last tradition also has to do with food and drink, but will come in a little over a week when we bless Mckayla.  When family comes for the blessing we have prime rib - and we all love eating some delicious beef!  Here's to traditions!

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