Thursday, October 4, 2012

Downright Neglectful

Soooo....  I guess it's true that things aren't as exciting the second time around.  Although, I like to think that I'm just much busier this time around with a 2 year old.  Because I realized the other day, that my pregnancy photos have gone in the following order...

Right before we found out we were pregnant, but hoped we were around 3.5 weeks pregnant (dressed up for Valentines Day):

The day of our early ultrasound 9 weeks pregnant:

17 weeks pregnant:

36 weeks pregnant:

The end.

Yes, I realize we skipped almost 20 weeks - HALF THE PREGNANCY!  The sad part is, I have no pictures of me pregnant with Ellie after 32 weeks and this time was worried I would go into labor in the next couple weeks and not have anything past 17 weeks, which is the only reason I finally got my stuff together and grabbed some pictures this week.  Yeah, I haven't done real well with the belly pictures this time like I did with Ellie.  Don't get me wrong, we have other pictures between these where I am in them and you can tell I am pregnant, but these are the only pictures I actually sat down and took to document things.  Hopefully we do better with the baby than with the pregnancy or this child is going to have no documentation of it's life and will pretty much hate us...  Well, you know, more than average.

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