Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ellie lately

I just thought I would share some fun recent experiences with Ellie in the last week and a half.

First, last Thursday Ellie had her hair done for the first time. That's right, she had her first ponytail. Steve told me I made her look like a Samurai, but I told him he just doesn't realize being the youngest and a boy that there probably isn't a girl on the planet who hasn't had her hair done like this a hundred times. And the pictures don't do it justice, it was CUTE!
By the way, this is her cheesy "I see you have the camera" smile. You'll see it in a few pictures in this blog...And this is the aftermath of the ponytail in the bath that night. Too funny.
Another recent development is that Ellie LOVES our fish tank. The glofish tank that used to be in Steve's classroom has come home. I miss having fish at home and Steve wasn't sure where to put the tank right off anyway, so we brought the tank here. And it is such a hit with our little girl. She loves watching them, so when we feed them we put her up on the dishwasher where they are and let her go to town. She watches them, laughs, gets excited, and with point at all the fish and talk. The other day she even spent a few minutes making "shhh and isss sounds when I kept repeating "fish" to her.
She also loves standing up holding on to the chinchilla cage and shouting at them white trying to reach things in their cage and touching them. They're really gentle and understanding about her curiosity which has been a great surprise. And twice she has tried to repeat Leadan's name when I've said their names to her. She doesn't say real words often enough we can really claim she talks yet, but these moments are a lot of fun.

The next set of pictures aren't that important, but it's a fun memory and the pictures are too cute not to share. We went to Home Depot to buy storage tubs for the new place twice in the last week or so. Both times, Ellie has loved being in the tubs in the cart. The pink tubs are from the first day (Steve says they're red - he chose them) and you have to love the accessorizing of the hairbow-necklace. The second time we went we got the green ones, and Ellie decided that she was a tub-riding expert and refused to sit in them. On the way out of the store she stood, laughed, and waved at people as we left like she was in a parade...
The last story for this blog, not lots of fun, but a true testament to how resilient and tough our little girl is. You would think the fact that her shins are always literally covered in bruises that we have no idea where they came from would be enough. But she felt she needed to escalate things to prove herself rather than rest on her laurels. So, this morning while Steve was letting me rest and sleep in, I was laying in bed when I heard a thud, crash, and Steve get upset. Turns out in the time it took Steve to go into the kitchen and grab a drink - not long - Ellie crossed the room, grabbed a cord we had tried to put up out of reach, which was on the bookshelf. I don't know how, but somehow pulling on that cord pulled a rather heavy, dense glass picture frame down right on her head. No glass broke, but some skin did. So I came out to find blood on Ellie and Steve. We got her a bandaid and sat while she cried for just another minute, and then she decided she wanted to go back to playing with the rockband drum set, buttons on our printer, and the chinchillas. Before she even stopped being upset all the way she was smiling and giving me high fives (I taught her how to do this yesterday and she LOVES it!). That is our tough little girl! This is what she looked like after getting the blood washed off and getting dressed and ready for a tasty lunch of cherries and cheese. (Another of her fake camera smiles.)
Seriously, this kid is way too stinking cute.

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