Friday, February 5, 2010

Time for what Steve calls "The Ultimate Pet"

So, I found out something very exciting and interesting on December 17, 2009. And here's what it was.

That same afternoon, this is how Steve found out on his lunch break.
Funny enough, it took him a while because he had noticed the bib and thought it was funny enough to consider buying about a week before. As a result, he just thought I'd bought it for him and that was it. It took a little while before he caught on. It took even longer for us to feel like we weren't crazy...

But we had our first appointment on January 26 and that fast-paced little heart beat made a lot of headway towards things feeling real. It was amazing!

The next day I had an ultrasound which was incredible. To see something little that you can't even tell is inside me yet moving around.... These are the pictures we were sent home with. Enjoy!

We are now officially telling people as we're in our last few weeks of the first trimester (11 weeks in). Seeing as immediate family already knows, now you in blog-world do too. We are due August 26th. Maybe by August things will seem more real... And then comes our ultimate adventure!


  1. Oh my goodness! Congrats! You will finally have your own little swimmer to teach! I am so happy and excited for you guys. This is Lara by the way. I would have posted on facebook but I never venture on there really anymore and I didn't know if you had announced it to the masses there. Once again congrats. You two are going to make wonderful parents!!

  2. That is great news!
    I like how you will just be starting school when the addition comes :)

  3. Sweet update...although I don't really see the 'progress' that I was thinking you'd have by now.

    Wassup with dat?!!