Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Longer Even Pretend-Employed

Well, this blog is a curse for me and the junior high coaching job... When I put that I was officially hired, the next week or so later I was told that the athletic director messed up the hiring process and I would only be a volunteer. Then, I put the other blog up about how I had been told I would have the B team still. Then today came.

The head coach today refused to back up what he had said and the day before the first game I am suddenly the coach of the C team, which I have not yet worked with because I was told to focus on the B team as my team.

All I have to say is that I already sent my letter of notice that I will finish out the week since we have games that nobody will be ready to coach, and then I am done. I feel really bad about not working with the girls when I feel like I could really help them, but this has been too much stress to volunteer time so I can never know where I will stand from day to day. Major bummer. Maybe I will have better luck with high school ball next year? I doubt I will be working with the junior high so long as the same guy is coaching...

Best luck for a great season Mabton Oarsmen! Hopefully Steve and I will make a few games...

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