Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nicolle's Bragging

So first of all, I made (what I think) was a stinking cute sugar glider bag. Admittedly this one turned out so well because the one I tried to make right before this was so bad that I learned a lot from my mistakes...

Next, I slipped on deck and fell across the kiddy pool at work on Thursday. The swelling is almost gone I think, and it is getting ever so pretty! If it gets even better I'll add more pictures. Unfortunately it's always so hard to get good pictures of bruises... flashes white them out and cameras just never quite capture their true beauty. But here's what I have.
Definitely my first deep thigh bruise. Got to limp around work Friday as it got tight when I sat for too long and hurt after walking too much... Then for good measure I got kicked right on my bruise during swim lessons that day, and Steve kept accidentally bumping into it.

All this less than a week after smashing my finger at work and having some beautiful discoloration. I am definitely Jan's Granddaughter...

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  1. Ouch. Looks like you're getting as clumsy as me!! Very pretty bruise by the way. Reminds me of lots of tumbles and falls..... I love the bag too. Very nice.