Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Kids

Welcome to why we fondly refer to our home as the Bennett Zoo.
Let me introduce you to our family... so far.

We have two female chinchillas, Liadan and Gracen. They are so entertaining and we're trying to spend more time with them lately as they loved being around family and are getting better with being held after Christmas Break. Gracen getting into everything as usual and Liadan finding a hiding place like always.
Then we have four parakeets. Two females, Jasna (yellow) and Haruto (white, blue, yellow). Our two males are Aden (blue) and Akos (white). As it turns out, we have two couples, Jasna and Aden, and Akos and Haruto. We have learned a lot about parakeets and had the opportunity to raise seven chicks so far between the two sets of parents.

We recently upgraded our fishtank (for the third time in a year) and we now have 16 fish and 3 snails in a 55 gallon fish tank.

Our latest addition is our four fire newts. These, like the fish, have no names... I know. We're cruel.

So, that's our family so far. Don't worry, once we have a house we hope to add sugar gliders, a falcon (kestrel) and a dog or two... Oh yeah, and maybe someday what Steve refers to as "the ultimate pet".


  1. Those "ultimate pets" are a lot of work, but so worth it! Love all your pets!

  2. Be careful what you wish for....I think it goes without saying that you're going to the (well okay) not dogs in the case, but pets for sure!

    Great pics, thanx for sharing! Hope you get some sleep.

  3. You have some crazy ideas for pets...eww, i could never have anything like that, I get creeped out! But I am so glad there are ppl on this earth to enjoy them! But you are right, you do have one heck of a zoo!!!