Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Months... Sort of

Ok, so we have lots of cute videos and pictures of Ellie... at home. And when we get home from visiting in Spokane? We'll pack up and move next week. I know, more that isn't on here, but we're moving to Tri-Cities on the 7th.

Back to the point. By the time I can take the time to get pictures and videos caught up Ellie will be 11 months old and I'll have lost out on all the fun things she does right now. Or at 10 months (a week or two ago....).

So, sorry, but you get a plain old boring written blog to help me remember and then we'll try to add pictures and videos later after we get settled in Tri-Cities.

Ellie is AMAZING. Right around 10 months she pulled herself up for the first time to her feet and starting about two days ago does it all the time now. She also stood for a few seconds for the first time about a week ago when she accidentally let go of me and occasionally will let go and stand for a few seconds now. So exciting to see!

She started clapping around the 6th of June! Now whenever you tell her she's a good girl, or she hears cheering on tv for something, she claps. Or whenever she feels like clapping...

She is also really into pointing lately, and will point out the window at random things when we try to point things out to her. She'll also point at people and talk to them or point her fingers up in the air like she's chanting "we're number one!"

Starting today she is finally starting to listen when we tell her no to things which makes me feel like we're making progress and not just being mean. She is also finally getting over her dislike of grass and starting to crawl around in the grass. The other day we took her to the park in Richland and she crawled all over the grass trying to catch seagulls. So funny.

Random, but funny story again. Yesterday Ellie pulled herself up on me and when I told her she was a good girl she let go of me and clapped. Then she realized she was unsteady and grabbed me again quickly. She also rested her head on my leg later only to bite my knee. And tonight in the bath Steve ran the water for a second over and over again. After about the second time she sighed and said clear as day "Don't." without even looking at us. We died.

But, Ellie cracks us up constantly. She is the girl of a million expressions. She still jabbers all the time making random noises, and mostly just says dad. She does say mom, but usually only when she's mad at us for changing her or something and she yells it in the middle of her complaining. I hope that isn't a sign of our relationship to come...

Ellie is totally in love with Grandpa and Aunt Julie here and having a fun week. She isn't napping hardly at all because she wants to be awake and with everyone. She waves now more consistently, but waves most at Grandma Kerry compared to everyone else. She can track the hummingbirds that are constantly outside Grandma and Grandpa's living room windows by sight and sound and is curious enough she is starting to explore their house without anything specific she's trying to get into.

She crawls more often, but still slithers a lot. She likes to end up curled up in part of her crib in strange positions sometimes all bundled up in blankets and other times without any on her. We crack up each night when we check on her and see which contortion she is in that night. She slams her butt up and down on the floor all the time for no apparent reason pretty frequently. Her hair has more and more curl to it and we can't believe how much more she looks like a toddler every day. She wears 18 months to 2T clothes, has curling hair, 5 teeth and working on more, her dexterity increases each day, she stands and hangs out on her knees all the time now, and basically, she is AMAZING.

I LOVE spending time with her every day and she makes life so much more fun and entertaining.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Compare and Contrast... Or DON'T!

Ok, So I am WAY behind on the blog. Ellie turned 10 months yesterday, my nephew Wyatt was born June 1, Steve and I went to the U2 concert in Seattle, Steve just got a NEW JOB, etc etc etc. But, am I going to take the time to update you on all of these developments? Not right now, because I am feeling far too lazy. Instead, I thought I would share this random tidbit.

Four years ago, my Dad took Steve and my engagement photos at Manito Park in Spokane, WA. One of my favorites is in the sidebar of this blog. Here is a photo of us standing at the top of Duncan Gardens in the spring of 2007.
I know, I know. I too only notice how young and skinny we look. Please don't look for the same traits in the following picture as sadly the years have not been very kind to me.

Except they HAVE! Yesterday my Dad (once again) took this picture of our FAMILY standing at the top of the very same Duncan Gardens in Manito Park. The main difference (besides all the extra marriage and pregnancy weight I have yet send packing) is our best decision yet - other than getting married of course, otherwise she wouldn't be here. Ellie!
We just thought it was a fun comparison. Although, that was before I saw how truly young and skinny I looked in that first picture! Why am I still posting this? Who knows. Steve will tell you it's because I have no reason. My Dad would probably say because I have no shame (totally had curlers in my hair in front of 3 total strangers the other day while everyone was making good impressions on Wyatt's other family). The truth is that it's because I take pleasure in the thought that hardly anyone sees this blog. I mean, honestly? We both know I'm right. That's right single viewer, you and me know the truth... And I embrace it.